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Congregations in our Synod are diverse – some have a few children, some have many. Others have no children except when grandchildren come to special events.

By making your congregation a safe place for children, you make it a safe place for everyone. Every congregation must be safe for children.

This section contains resources to help your Church Council take the actions necessary and appropriate for your situation.

The Culture of Safety Unit has developed an Implementation Guide for Church Councils. This document is designed to support Church Councils to implement the UCA Child Safe Policy (Vic/Tas). The guide provides questions, key actions, policies and resources.

Your congregation may have taken many steps toward keeping children safe.  For example, your Church Council may have:

  • Adopted a Code of Conduct for all your paid and voluntary workers;
  • Appointed a Culture of Safety contact person;
  • Ensured every appointed leader has a Working With Children Check or Registration.

All documents on this website have been updated, are compliant with Victoria’s Child Safe Standards requirements, other relevant VIC/TAS/NSW legislation and supersede any previous documents, including the Keeping Children Safe policy.

When you are looking for resources, filling out a template or checking on policies around child safety, please ensure you use the updated documents on this website. Do not rely on previous documents. This website will be updated regularly and the most current information and documents will be found here.

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If a child is in immediate danger, ring 000

and report the situation to the police. Try to keep the child safe in the meantime.

If you need to report a case of misconduct, abuse or historical abuse CLICK HERE